Decoration of Chinese porcelain

Decoration of Chinese porcelain: enamel blue and red

However Chinese potters advanced underglaze red embellishment during the Yuan dynasty (1279-1368 C.E.), pottery decorated in enamel blue was made in far greater numbers, by reason of the high request from Asia and the Islamic countries of the Near and the Middle and Painting with enamel red was harder than underglaze blue: the copper oxide used as the coloring agent was harder to manage than the cobalt that was used for the underglaze blue. The firing left shares of the red areas grey, as on this large jar (above).

Selecting Dinnerware For Hotels & Restaurants

It’s very hard work to select tableware, so how do you know you’ve chosen the correct dishes for your guests, parties, hotel or restaurant? Danny Goodall  asks your questions about  these items
He has spent his all career busy with the world of ceramic decorating for commercial tableware, Dudson's design director, Danny Goodall, shares his ideas with Tableware International about how could we decorate tableware in a correct way.
 he said that to Choose crockery or dinnerware is a really involved, and potentially expensive decision for any establishment. "There are plenty of various producers and providers in the market, so how could we know what is the best option? Here’s our deal with what you need to study."


About Porcelain Painting

Long time ago in ancient China,art of porcelain painting was symbol of beauty and power. An art without borders Porcelain painting collectors and artists thought to this fact that their perfect porcelain art works will remain for many years later after them. moreover, the exact formula of combination and pigments, the hardness of usage and individual proficiency that go into the invention of each part helps to creating Art and painting on Porcelain one of the most various, beautiful and desired art shapes of all time. --

start of this art was like  an ancient Chinese secret, porcelain became the sign of great treasure and stature as European powers presented it into the West. Nowadays  , art and painting on porcelain is as different and extensive as the many artists who figure out it as a possibility for making great artistic pieces.



At the table, setting dishes is the first thing that attracts the diners' eyes. for making your dinnerware read some important items.