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Different kinds of dinnerware and its usage

Different kinds of dinnerware and its usage


1 - Bread dish
2 - Charger
3 - Dinner dish
4 - Salad dish
5 –a bowl for Soup 

Dishes which are suitable for Bread and Butter 

Defining characters: The plate wich is smallest on the table is about five to seven inches.
Usage: These small dishes are used for informal dinners. It depends to you   for formal dinners.these types of dishes In a table setting, usually is placed on the left side.

The dishes which are suitable for appetizer

Defining characters:these kind of dishes,are about  four to seven inches, little round edges and normally no indentation
Usage:sometimes size of  bread and butter dishes might be confusing, appetizer dishes are a little larger. These dishes are suitable for holding bite-sized appetizers, charcuterie, cheese,fruit and other stuffs.

Dishes for salad

Defining characters:these type of dishes have a round shape, salad dishes  include two different sizes: first the larger one:the measure of these plates is eight to 8.5 inches ,smaller one:these plates  are an inch less.
Usage:the dishes wich are suitable for salad usually have a largersize  than the bread and butter dishes. These plates wich are very small primarily hold individual portions of salad.

The bowl or dishes wich used for soup or pottage

Defining characters:these kind of dishes wich are  very wide, and have a little dept with one-inch edge, usually their measure are about nine to 10 inches 
Usage:these types bowl is very useful for some meal like soup or pottage and they have usually one-and-a-half inches deep with a well that is six to seven inches across and is served and taken away with a plate which is under it. These types of dishes are always use for a formal meal they don’t use for informal dinner.the dishes that are suitable for informal meals, are soup bowls without edgs or saucer-such as coupe bowls,these kind of bowls are very comfortable for informal meals

Optional addition plate (charger)

characters:one of the largest plate that is optional some how on the table  called charger.these types of dishes have a Decorative edges, flat, and usually 13 to 14 inches.
Usage: these plates mostly Used for decoration, they are an optional addition.the best usage of these dishes is locating under the each dinner plate setting during a special, more formal gathering .they are also used with salad plate or soup bowl .

Dishes which are suitable for dinner

characters:these plates are usually about 10 to 12 inches. 
Usage: dinner dishes are the most important plate during the meal, the dinner plate uses during the main course, after the salad. Sometimes it uses with  the plate above the charger but it is optional  Many use the same plates for both lunch and dinner. 

The plate for dessert

Defining characters: dessert plate are seven to nine inches usually.
Usage: these dishes are both for informal and formal meals. they are also called luncheon by some producers. Dessert plates mostly use for wedding receptions, parties, and events.


Defining characters: sauser normally are 10 inches with an indentation for a cup
Usage:they are  mainly  paired with teacups or coffee cups and the indentation in the center makes it so that the cups its holding does not move around.