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Problems in kitchen

Quality difficults in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry

The kitchen utensils and home accessories industry is a highly regulated sector with strict safety standards. For example, all food contact products sold in the U.S. and the EuropeanUnion must comply with applicable regulations including FDA 21 CFR and the EU Framework Regulation No. 1935/2004. Thus, meticulous quality check and in-depth legal knowledge are required.
On top of that, kitchen utensils and home accessories are marketed with a high brand value and corresponding markups. It is critical to ensure that the production follows the design precisely, and strict quality control mechanism must be implemented consistently so that every detail meets the safety standards in their prospective markets. If such standards are not met, the products will not be allowed to sell in the markets, or face product recalls, or even lawsuits.

Cost issues in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry

The kitchen utensils and home stuff industry is highly rival, with many brands competing for the customers’ attention by continuously renovating their produces and reducing worthes. Big brands have moved their manufacturing bases to places where labor costs are lower, one of the most general destinations is China.
However, there are just a limited figure of suppliers capable of creating very particular and specialized kitchen tools and home accessories, principally the ones that are uncommon or require highly specialized technical expertise. Providers are aware of the lack of competition, the trademark value and markups of products in this industry so they often try to charge higher values.


Planning issues in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry


Setting up and organizing production lines offshore in China requires a lot of careful planning, particularly for OEM manufacturing, all stages from prototyping to make testing/certification requisite to be well-planned to maximize efficiency. It is essential for customers to communicate all product specifications to the providers, containing product packaging at an early stage since customers value trustworthy brands and tend to buy products that perform to be branded with higher-quality.
However, customers with moderate but not vast order sizes face problems receiving the right service because some providers do not pay sufficient attention when the order size is not large enough, do not make a product sample within a reasonable time, sometimes even ignore requests for customization.

Dangers in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry

Creating kitchen utensils and home accessories production lines in China for customers who have no local presence can become a very complicated process—relying only on communicating with providers online often leads to being overpromised and under-delivered. Because the customers could not do necessary supplier assessment and due diligence, they risk of working with providers with fake warranties, or those who use inexpensive materials that do not meet the quality and safety standards or product decorations created by other kinds in violation of Intellectual Property Right (IPR) laws.
Without the lawful knowledge and being present in China, the customers also run the risk of signing a one-sided contract, or even one which is not legally enforceable in the country.

 The enormous majority of low to mid end kitchen tools, containing glassware, comes from China.

Our Commendations for China’s Kitchen Utensils and Home Accessories Industry


For falling time in the kitchen utensils and home accessories industry

Intrepid Sourcing’s experienced team affords all the coordination work so that the process runs professionally. We help our customers to know the industry by providing them an overview ofvarious materials and industrial process potentials used in kitchen tools and home accessories. Once they have a full grasp of the industry, they can identify and select the most efficient and price-effective options.
Moreover, we work directly with specialized providers that are talented of customizing their products per customers’ requests, such as special materials, colors, and packing. This saves the problem of looking for the appropriate suppliers, expressively reducing the time required for procurement and production.

For certifying quality in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry

Intrepid Sourcing understands the strict safety ideals for kitchen utensils and home accessories and has contacts with dependable providers that produce for well-known Western brands. Our team of experts can regulate where critical areas may be and make adjustments consequently based onthe decore plans. To further avoid product defects, we carry out in-person value control measures to ensure all features of every product component meets the quality and safety ideals.
Moreover, we have established joinings with Western certification activities that have subsidiary offices in China. Their values are usually more reasonable than their counterparts in Western countries.

For reducing price in the kitchen tools and home accessories industry

Intrepid Sourcing is equal to put together a list of all relevant providers who are capable of producing particular kitchen utensil and home accessory products or product portions. Our team meticulously relate product specifications and adjust product designs early on to avoid defects. Our information of all the industrial steps, fresh material and labor prices helps us to assess and compare prices, choosing suppliers at the finest possible prices without compromising quality.